5 Business to Start after Lockdown – Make Extra Income

Business to start after Lockdown
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Are you looking for which 5 business to start after lockdown, then read below to get complete knowledge about business ideas, that you can do after lockdown, and can make a profit?

People across the world got so much affected from this pandemic situation that some lost their job, some had to face huge loses in their business.

People in this critical situation are facing huge problems.

If your current business didn’t got affected from this lock down, you can still start this business to make extra profit.

There are many businesses that you can still do, with minimum or at no cost investment and can earn money out of it.

You have multiple business options; all you need to do is to select the one in which you have an interest and start working on it.

All this business option is profitable, and can make you earn extra income within a few days.

List of 5 Business to start after lockdown are

  • Online Selling
  • Teaching Online
  • Sell Food on Food Apps
  • Manufacture Face Mask
  • Make Sanitizers

Online selling

There are multiple platforms, the marketplace, or eCommerce platform where you can create your seller account and can start uploading your products over there.

Online industry is at boom in this current era, every single person is preferring to buy online, due to fear of going out.

You can list multiple products on this online platform, and can sell products, simply by sitting at home.

This platform is free where you can easily create your account and start working on it.

Some of the genuine platforms to work on are amazon seller, Flipkart seller, Myntra seller, etc.

At the initial phase, you can start with very low investment or with no investment.

Teaching Online

If you feel you can teach good, or you have an expertise in any subject, you can start teaching online.

Online teaching is being preferred by every student and their parents.

All you need to do is to search for the best marketplace which you can join.

Once you join any platform you can start your teaching online and start earning money from home.

You can start it as a part time business or job, but I am sure if you get success and interest you will make it as a full-time career.

Some of the best marketplace you can join as an online tutor is Byjus, Unacademy, whitehat jr and many more platforms.

You can search on google, you will find many genuine platforms over there.   

Simply join, start teaching, and earn huge money over there.

Sell Food on Food Apps.

If you are a chef or loves cooking, this business model is for you.

Even if you do not run any hotel, restaurant, or café you can still run this business and can make money out of it.

There is multiple online food industry which can join.

All you need to do is before joining this platform, you should have the food-related license, one government ID, Pan Card, and a Bank Account.

You don’t need to have any chef certificate or degree, you can simply prepare home food also.

This business is best suited for ladies who are Homemakers or Housewives.

Over here they can prepare fast food, snacks, main course, special dishes, and then they can list all the dishes in their profile and can generate huge demand out of it.

And if anyone raises a food order on your profile, you can prepare it, the delivery boy will come and pick up the order, and he will deliver it to the concerned person.

Some of the best Indian apps to sell food online are Zomato, Swiggy, etc.

Manufacture Face Mask

Making facemask is the most trending business after lockdown.

As the government has made it mandatory for every person to wear a facemask and then meet anyone or go to the market, if they do not follow this rule, they have to pay the fine.

For this business, you do not have to invest in big machines or must take place on rent to work.

You can simply start this business from your home itself.

Simply with the waste clothing material you can make facemask at home.

You can earn 100% Profit in this business.

You need not to be expert in stitching, because making mask is very simple, you can either make it manually or with the help of stitching machinery.

Make Sanitizers

Sanitizer is playing an important safety role in making people safe from a deadly pandemic situation.

As the government guidelines, you should first sanitize your hands, before doing any activity, and because of that, its demand is increasing day by day.

You can prepare hand sanitizers at home, pack it in a spray bottle, and then sell them in the market.

Even you can do retail trading by simply buy them in wholesale from the companies who are already manufacturing and packing sanitizers.

Its a good profitable business, and can make a good profit out if it.


Above are the 5 business to start after lockdown.

You can start this business with minimum investment or even at no cost investment.

I am sure if you start, you will be in a much profitable stage in a few days.

Even if you want to know other business or work from home tips.

You can read:

I hope the above article has helped you a lot in learning which business to start after lockdown and earn money fast.

Thank you for reading

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