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6 Best Steps to Convert YouTube To Mp4 Online

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Are you here to know how to convert YouTube to mp4 Online, then read below to get the complete deep knowledge about YouTube converters?

We all watch videos on youtube as per our interest, and we enjoy watching them, but we always want to download or convert the interesting videos, like web series, cartons, kids’ videos, songs, etc. into mp4.

But youtube does not have a download feature in it, so from where to download, and how to download is a big question.

Do not worry, we have found a solution for that.

All you need to do is to follow the below step by step procedure, to download or convert your favorite youtube videos, within a minute or a second.

6 Steps to Convert YouTube to Mp4 are

  • Open Youtube
  • Play your Favorite Video
  • Copy the URL Link
  • Open Youtube Converter
  • Paste the Link
  • Download

Open Youtube

convert youtube to mp4 online

To convert youtube to mp4 videos, all you need to do is follow the foremost step i.e., to open google and type in google search box.

Play Your Favorite Video

convert youtube to mp4 online

The next step is to type your favorite video in the search box and play your video

Copy the URL Link

convert youtube to mp4 online

The next step is to Copy the URL Link of a video from top of the Browser.

Open YouTube Converters

Check it Out 5 Best Sites of How to Download Youtube Videos for Free

After copying the URL of a video, the next process is to open the youtube converters.

There are many genuine sites to convert youtube to mp4, but some of the best sites are,, etc.

Paste the Link

After opening the youtube converters, the next process is to paste the copied link in the converter box.

After pasting the URL link in the converter box, select the quality type to mp4 and then click on the convert button.


After clicking on the convert button, your video will start converting into the mp4 format, and within a minute it will be fully downloaded.

Once it is downloaded you can enjoy watching your video offline.

There are multiple questions which people generally have doubt before downloading videos from these sites, some of this query is

Is it a paid service?

No, these sites are 100% Free, you need not have to pay a single amount or any registration fee before downloading any video.

You can enjoy downloading multiple videos with this free service providing websites

Are these sites are trusted?

Yes, these sites are 100% trusted, with no spam and viruses. You will not find any trouble while downloading videos from these sites or storing or saving videos on your laptop or pc.

Is these sites convert long and lengthy videos?

Yes, there is no limit, you can download lengthy videos within a minute from these sites.

How Fast the Downloading Speed is?

The downloading speed is super fast. Videos over here can be easily downloaded within seconds or minutes, sometimes it may take a long time due to certain issues like server issues or lengthy videos.

What will be the Video Quality?

It automatically selects the best and high-quality videos, but if you want to manually select your quality type then that option might also available on many youtube converter websites.

Will Ads Occur in between the downloading process?

No, in between the downloading process no ads will occur. You can easily download multiple videos with no ads.


With such an easy step you can easily download youtube to mp4 in a second or in a minute.

All you need to do is to follow the step by step process which is discussed above and keep downloading multiple videos as per your interest.

Hope this above article on how to convert YouTube to mp4 Online has helped you with how to download youtube to mp4.

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