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How to Earn Money From YouTube
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To earn some extra money from youtube you should know how to make money from youtube.

YouTube is an online video sharing and uploading platform. It was launched on February 14, 2005 and founded by Steve ChenChad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, who were all early employees of PayPal.

Previously people can only upload videos, but now the things are bit different. Now a day’s people can upload videos as well as are earning a big amount of money from it.

Its not as easy as you think, but yes you can earn good amount of money from it.

So, if you want to become a YouTube creator and if you got some good content to show people worldwide you can have a good growth over here for sure.

YouTube has changed the life of many people worldwide in both financial way as well as in their immense growth and popularity.

So, let us start with some basic things which can help you out in becoming a YouTube creator.

Below is the steps related to how to make money from youtube?

Select A Topic

First thing a YouTube creator should always know that on which niche or topic he is going to create a YouTube channel.

Only after that he should move forward. Trending topics are like Vines, Teaching, Technology, Gaming, Motivational, Cooking etc.

Create a Gmail Account

Next step is you should create a Gmail account (An Email ID). Make sure your email id should be according to your YouTube channel name which should be quite unique.

Create a YouTube Account

Second Process is Open and then click on the upper right end corner and click on Create a Channel.

Update your Channel with Some good Unique Channel Name, a display picture, a big banner and briefly describe it and update it with all the required details, links and information.

YouTube Studio

Once you have created and updated all your details and information, then again go back to your main home page of YouTube and click on the Upper right end corner and select YouTube Studio.

It is the Dashboard of your channel where you can Upload the Videos, can see the Channel Analytic and many more things.

Monetize Your channel

This is the main thing every YouTube wants, that to monetize his or her YouTube channel.

But Monetization can be valid only after few things i.e., before getting your channel monetized you should have 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours on channel.

Only after you can monetize your platform and can start your earning.

Google AdSense Account

Before Monetizing you should have a Google AdSense account by which you will generating revenue.

Google AdSense will help you in displaying ads on your video and if someone clicks on that ad you will be getting commission of that in dollars.

A Good Content

If you want to grow on a large scale make sure you have some unique and Quality content, viewers generally like to watch quality things over here and if your content is good your viewers can help you in sharing your videos to other which will ultimately help in your growth.

Grow Your Audience Base

Success over here comes only after once you have a good audience base. Remember maximum the loyal audience maximum the chances of earning more.

Make sure if you want to become a successful YouTube creator you should work on some quality content. Show your dedication & Skills and Grow with your videos.

Once you have a good growth you can even earn from other sources like Collaboration, Sponsorship, Donation and many other sources.

Do not Speak Bad Languages, Show Vulgarity, or display any bad content, otherwise it will ultimately affect your channel as well as your goodwill.

So, find your inner talent, become self-independent and start your Journey as YouTube Creator. Share it with all those who wants to be a YouTube creator.

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