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How To Make Money Online
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Every person now a days is curious about how to make money online, simply by working from home.

We all need some extra income to enjoy our life.

People generally search new ways to earn money online, and they find multiple ways of making money fast online.

But still, they get confused about, which platform to choose, and how to make money from those platforms.

We all are facing problems due to this deadly coronavirus, and because of that many people have lost their job, many small businesses got shuttered down, and many more trouble people are facing this day.

We all need money to survive, so do not worry, even if you are also among those people who are facing problems due to corona, do not lose hope, there is always hope.

Below We will be discussing Global platforms where you can create your free account, and then you can create your free channel or page, and start making money.

This platform is so amazing that can help you in earning huge money online, all you need to have is patience and proper dedication in your work.

There are multiple money-making platforms, but we will be discussing only a few platforms that are global, genuine, and worth money-making marketplace.

Read below to get deep knowledge about how to make money online

Learn 5 Platform about How to Make Money Online


You can become a YouTuber and can make money online, all you need to do is you have to create your youtube channel.

Creating a channel is very easy, once you created your channel, make your videos and start uploading them on your youtube channel.

But if you are confused about which channel should I create, do not worry, just ask yourself, in which field you have the most interest.

There are multiple fields you can go with as per your interest like Comedy, Drawing, Vines, Technology, Gaming, Food, etc.

As per your interest, upload videos on your channel.

But you must be very cool and calm, because to grow on youtube you have to follow the protocols of youtube, otherwise your channel might get rejected.

Read the rules and policies before creating your channel.

YouTubers earn through Google ads displayed in between their videos, and if anyone clicks on that ad you will be paid as per the ad rate.

But to bring google ads in between your videos, you have to grab 1000 subscribers on your channel as well 4000 Watch Hours, Only after that youtube will allow you to monetize your channel with Google Adsense.

Just simply keep in mind, if you get maximum viewers on your video, chances of getting clicks on your video will be also more.

On an average you can earn $1 to $5 per click.

So if you want to become successful by making money online, you can choose youtube as an amazing career option.

Once you get a little bit of success from your channel, you will find many other ways to earn money from youtube.

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If you love writing an article, this platform will be an amazing platform for you.

You can become a blogger, and by simply writing an article on your blog, you can earn a huge amount of money online.

All you need to do is you have created your own blogging website, there are various platforms through which you can create your own website without taking the help of anyone.

Or simply you can hire any freelancer or agency who can build your website.

Before becoming a blogger, choose the proper niche on which you will creating your content and writing an article on them.

There are so many types of blogs, like tech blogs, food blogs, fashion blogs, money blogs, etc.

Choose as per your interest and start creating your website and then publish your articles.

There are many ways to earn money as a blogger, some of the genuine ways to earn money from a blog are.

Monetize your website with CPM or CPC Programs like google AdSense.

Sell digital products, affiliate products, your own brand products, eBooks, software’s, etc

Once you grow as a blogger, news ways and roads will open to earn more money from your blog.

Online Seller

You can become an online seller; all you need to do is search for the perfect marketplace where you can sell your products online.

One of the amazing global platforms is Amazon, where you can not only sell your product in your own country, you can also sell them in other countries.

The only thing you must do is simply create your seller account, and start uploading your products.

You can sell across the world simply by sitting at home.

Apart from Amazon, there are multiple global e-commerce platforms where you can create your seller account and start selling your products online.

Along with you can also create your own e-commerce website, and start selling products from your own website.

All you need to do is to maintain your stocks, so you can deliver your products on time, whenever you get any order.


Freelancing platforms are one of the ultimate and best platforms, where you will find multiple works related to all the fields on a single marketplace.

Over here people post their jobs or work, and if you feel you can do or complete that job, you can bid over there, if your bid gets approved you will be hired and paid for that project.

You will find multiple projects over here like data entry, social media marketing, language translator, graphic design, logo making, website designer, app developer, and many more projects.

Over here you can easily earn $50 – $1000 on a single project.

One of the best Freelancing Platforms to join which is most recommended by worldwide experts and freelancers is

You can easily join this platform, and start earning huge amounts as a freelancer.

Sell Photos online

Do you know you can make a huge amount of money simply by clicking photos on your smartphone?

Yes, there are many global platforms where you can sell photos online and earn $1 to $10 per photos.

All you need to do is, you have click photos in your smartphone or professional camera, and then upload them on this marketplace.

There are millions of buyers, who are looking forward to buying the best photos, if they feel your photo is best they will buy it, and you will be getting paid for that.

The best marketplace to sell photos online is Shutterstock.

You can Simply Create your account on Shutterstock, and start uploading your photos over there.


Above is the best platform to join and make money online, simply by working from home.

You can simply create your ID and start working on this platform and can generate a huge revenue if you have complete dedication.

Over here you can even make a full-time career if you feel you are getting huge success.

This platform will help you to get global exposure.

I Hope you like the above article.

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