How To Sell Photos On Shutterstock – A Step By Step Guide

How to sell photos on Shutterstock
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Are you here to learn how to sell photos on Shutterstock, then read the complete article till the end to get the deep knowledge step by step?

We all are loves to click photos to capture every single moments of life.

There are multiple photography’s, which you love to click and capture them your daily basis, like nature photography, event photography, wildlife photography, etc.

For some people photography is a passion, for some, it is a career, and for some, it is just photography to capture the amazing moments of life in their phone.

So, are you a professional photographer, freelancing photographer, or you just love to click photos from your mobile phone or DSLR, you can simply upload your photos on Shutterstock and can make money from Shutterstock?

To sell photos on Shutterstock is very step, you can check out step b step process about how to join as a Shutterstock contributor, and how to sell photos online.

6 Steps About How To Sell Photos on Shutterstock.

  • Open Official Website
  • Click Sign Up Button
  • Fill the Sign Up Form
  • Verify Email Address
  • Entre Address Detail
  • Upload Images

Official Website

how to sell photos on Shutterstock

The first step is to search the official website of Shutterstock, to visit the main website you can simply go to, click on the search box, and type sell photos on Shutterstock, after that, you will get a link of

Click on that link, to visit the official page of shutterstock contributor.

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Click Sign Up Button

The next step is to click on the signup button, to open to the Shutterstock contributor form.

Sign up button is available on upper right end corner of the website.

Simply click it, and enter the sign up page to fill your basic details.

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Fill the Sign-Up Form

how to sell photos on Shutterstock

After clicking on sign up button, you will entre to the sign up form page.

You have to fill your few details like.

  •  Your Full Name ( Your Name
  •  Your Display Name (It simply means type a unique name of your page)
  •  Write your Email Address
  • Write your Password

After filling this four details, click on Next button.

Verify Your Mail Address

After that a verification mail has been sent you.

Open your Mail. (Gmail, yahoo mail or whichever your mail ID is referred to)

Check the mail sent to you by Shutterstock, if you didn’t find the mail in your inbox, check your spam box.

After opening your mail you will see a Line written in Blue “Please Click Here to Verify Your Email”

Simply Click on it, and your mail Id will be verified.

After clicking on it, you will be redirected to the contributor’s account website, and then click on the Next button, you will see over there.

Enter Address Details

After you click next, you will be redirected to Address details Page.

Following details, you have to fill step by step, make sure all details are correct.

Residential Address – It means where you residing or living currently

  •  Country – Fill the Country name in which you live currently.
  • Address – Fill the complete address of your residence
  •  City – Write the city name in which you are living
  • Zip/Postal Code – Enter the Postal code or Zip Code of your city (If you didn’t know the postal/zip code, you can take help of google)
  • State/Province – Fill the State or Province Name in which you are living
  • Phone Number – Fill your running or current phone number.

After filling all your details, click on next to entre the Shutterstock contributor’s dashboard.

Upload Images –

After that click on the upload button, and start uploading your images, as many as you can.

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Even people have many queries like

What is shutterstock?

Shutterstock is an amazing platform, which helps creative and professional photographers by giving them an amazing marketplace to produce their best work with amazing content and with innovative tools.

What all things can be uploaded on shutterstock?

You can upload multiple things on Shutterstock. You can sell photos, videos, vector images, and music.

As per your innovation and creativity, you can upload things over here and can make money out of it.

Who can join Shutterstock Platform?

This is an open platform for everyone, which means any person who loves photography can join this platform, or even if anyone does not love photography but want to make money out of his phone, can join this amazing platform

Any Registration Fee?

This is the free platform to join as a contributor, no registration fee is required to join this amazing platform.

Is any Professional Camera required?

No, there is no need for any professional camera, you can even click your photos from your mobile phone. If you have a professional camera that will be just a plus point for you, otherwise your mobile phone is enough.

Is this site genuine to upload images?

It is the most trusted and reputed company worldwide.

Over 1Billion+ images, Music tracks, and videos downloaded.

More than 1 Million + Contributors are publishing their content on this marketplace.

Approx. 2 Lacs + images are uploaded daily on this platform, by worldwide contributors.

This site runs in 21 languages and has genuine customers from 150 + Countries.


This is an amazing platform to join as a freelancer and convert your free photography into profitable money-making photography.

There is no age restrictions or certificate required to join, simply fill up the Shutterstock contributors form, and start publishing creative contents and innovations.

I hope you like the above article and got a deep knowledge of how to sell photos on Shutterstock.

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