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How to write a blog
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For every new blogger, there is always a curiosity in his mind how to write a blog in a proper and perfect way.

Many bloggers write their blog with huge words, no subheadings, no bullet points, etc., and then they publish it, but with not so proper format they fail to attract the readers, as readers find it very difficult to read such articles.

This is the main problem which is being faced by maximum people who writes a blog.

Always do remember blog writing is such an amazing thing, where you can express your feelings, reviews, updates, etc in a step by step way. Try to manage every point in a proper understandable way.

But still there is query in your mind that how to do it?

Do not worry, just read below the step by step format of how to write a blog in a proper way.


7 Easy steps about how to write a blog?

Topics covered

  • Headings
  • Main Image
  • Introduction
  • H2 Heading
  • H3 Heading
  • Conclusion
  • Share


Before writing any article or blog the first thing you should always keep in mind that you should write a catchy heading that can easily attract readers to read your article.

One of the best heading examples is – How To Earn Money Online, so people over here will generally focus on the earning part, and they will definitely open your blog to read how they can earn money online.

Heading plays a very important role for every blogger, so try to research for the proper heading then start writing you’re below content, or you can take the help of title generator tools by searching on google.


Insert Main Image

After writing a perfect heading try creating the main image according to your title and insert it in your blog.

Your image should consist of what exactly you want to show in your blog.

Do not try to copy someone’s else image otherwise you might face the copyright issue, so avoid such activity and try to create an image in your own unique way.

If you want a free platform for images you can use the help of pixels where you can get free images.



The introduction means you are describing your blog in a short way. Over here you should write content according to heading.

For example – If your heading consists of How to earn money from traveling, then your introduction should start like this, Are you a frequent traveler or a travel blogger and want to know the best ways about how to earn money from blogging and so on…

Describe your introduction in at least 100-150 words which will give you an idea to write the below article.

The introduction part should be so catchy, that can easily attract readers to read the below content.


H2 Heading

Under this write the perfect short line to describe the below content.

For Example – If your heading is How to earn Money from PubG? then your H2 Heading should be like Read Below for 5 Best Methods About How to Earn Money from PubG.

This H2 Heading should be according to the main heading otherwise readers will get confused about what this article is all about.

Do not try to write a long H2 Heading, try to write it under one line or max to max 2 line, that’s it.


H3 Heading

H3 Headings is generally known as subheadings of H2 Heading.

For Example, if your H2 heading is Best 5 Method to earn money online, then your H3 Headings should be like Youtube, Freelancing, Etc, and then try to describe every point briefly and clearly.

This is even considered as the main reading part of your blog, where readers generally stay for a long time, as this part generally consists of excitement, problem-solving, methods to do, etc.

A Readers focus is always on H3 Part, so write your content under this in a very easy language, which can help readers to read this article comfortably.

Try to avoid tough language in this part.



The conclusion should be written only when your blog is all about product reviews or about solving a query of people.

Under the conclusion part, you should describe a brief detail of above contents that what all you have written and how the above content will help people in solving their query.

If you are an affiliate marketer, Conclusion part plays a big role.



Under this say thanks to readers for reading this article and please them to share your articles to their close people or on their social media account.

If any of your reader feels, your article is worth it, he will share your article which will increase your readers and views.


Things to Remember before writing a Blog

  • Writing a blog in your own unique is not an easy task, you have to do strong market research before writing any content. If your content is unique and readable you will get huge applause from readers across the world.
  • Try to avoid Copy Paste activity, as it will decrease your popularity and goodwill. A good blogger is always known for his uniqueness and creativity.
  • Try to focus on Grammar, if your language is poor, readers will not stay on your blog for a long time.
  • Always focus on contents related to your Main heading, do not write an out of course story or blog.
  • Try to build maximum social media followers.
  • Focus on your word limit, as your blog should not be less than 600 words and should not be more than 2500 to 3000 words.

Recommended Part for Blogger

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It will take your blogging journey to the next level.


I hope you have got the maximum solution to your problem about how to write a blog.

So, follow the above steps and start writing your blog by expressing your views in a step by step method.

Thank you for Reading

Love from

Team Freeworkblog.

Keep Smiling 😊

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