Free time increases mental stress – Use it or Waste it?

10 Productive things to do in free time
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Free time is that time when you have nothing to do in your daily routine life.

As we all know time is very precious, every single second is important to us. We should even utilize our free time in a very productive way.

Some people utilize their free time in doing some activities and some people simply waste their free time either by simply sitting, watching TV, chatting with friends or by sleeping.

We should keep on learning new things whenever we get some free time as it will reduce our mental stress and will make us a tension free person.

Generally, in our free time we think a lot, about our past, relationship, or any other personal problems and the chances of depression increases.

To reduce this kind of mental stress and to utilize our free time in a very productive way we have came up with 10 best activities which you can utilize in your daily routine life.

Reading –

Reading is the best thing you can utilize in your free time, as it helps in increasing your knowledge base. Whenever you get free time utilize it either by reading Novels, Newspaper, Magazines or Online Blogs.

The more you read, more knowledge you will gain, and the chances of mental stress will decrease.

Try to read some interesting articles on motivation, business, sports or the one which you like the most.


Cooking is another important thing which you can utilize it in your free time. If you are not a cooking expert try to learn it from your father, mother, siblings, or friends who knows how to cook food.

The tastier you cook the happier you get. Try to learn new recipe every day and reduce your mental stress by eating healthy food.

Exploring New Places –

This activity is for those who loves to explore new places. Yes, exploring new places is always a crazy excitement to know new things.

You can plan a trip with your friends/family, or you can go on a solo bike ride.

Exploring and traveling to new places always makes you feel fresh and energetic from your stressful life.

Craft Work –

Craft work is the mind work, the more creative you are the more creative your craft work will be.

Try to utilize your free time with creative mind and convert that into an amazing craft.

If you are not a craft expert you can learn it from many sources like craft book, online video tutorials or from someone who knows how to make a craft.

So, reduce your mental stress by making some creative craft work.

Drawing & Painting –

It is a beautiful activity which we are doing it from our school days. We used to enjoy our drawing whether it was a bad or good.

So now you can try to utilize your free time by drawing or painting. Its an activity which is totally based on imagination and creative thinking.

Daily try to bring your imagination into a drawing or painting, do not worry if it is bad drawing but at least you have utilized your free time in some productive work.

Online Gaming –

Online gaming is a very productive thing you can do this days. Whenever you play any online game your complete focus is on that game because you are always eager to finish the game or to clear the levels in that game.

Multiplayer gaming is the trending thing, try to play online games with your friends in your free time.

Playing an online game for a long hour is also a bad indication for mental stress, so try to play only for a limited hour.

Meditation & Yoga –

If you want peace in your life, want to remove all stress and tension from your life, try to follow this activity in your free time.

It is the best medicine to get heal up from all your worries.

Learn how to do meditation and yoga from online tutorials which you can get it from YouTube.

Meditation and Yoga does not only reduces mental stress but also keeps you fit and healthy.

Creative Business Ideas –

If you are a student, an employee or any businessman, this activity is for everyone to utilize their free time in a very productive way.

All we need is money to live our daily life, so try to think some creative business ideas to make some extra money. If your business idea gets successful you can convert that business into full time career business.

Play outdoor games –

Utilize your time by playing outdoor games like cricket, basketball, football, badminton, and many other games.

Playing such games keeps you fit and healthy and reduces your mental stress.

Do follow this activity in your daily routine life as it is very healthy activity.

Gain general knowledge –

Whenever you get free time try to gain some general knowledge either from newspaper, GK books, news channel or by searching on search engines like google.

Gaining knowledge about new things is always healthy for your mind.

Also make it as a habit to learn 10 new things each day.

Learning and Gaining knowledge always helps to reduce mental stress.

Above are the 10 best activities which you can utilize in your free time and make the best use of it.

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